Frequently Asked Questions
If you have any questions send them to Liem.

1. Who's your daddy?
Jeremy's mom is.

2. Do women enjoy sex more then guys?
Yes and no.

3. What's the meaning to life?
To listen to punk rock and any music you love!

4. Is god a women or men?
Dunno, but pretty damn sure he listens to Skwat 6.

5. Who is the biggest bitch out of Skwat 6?
Jeremy by a long shot.

6. Does size matter?
If it does then Jeremy's mom matters!

7. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootise pop?
Skwat 6 times!

8. Which of the Austin Powers chick looked better?

9. Which one of the Skwat 6 guys are the best in bed?
Jeremy's mom!

10. What turns you guys on?
Jeremy's mom!

11. When you guys are tired of practicing what do you do?
Abuse Jon's little brother!

12. Is God a women or a man?
If god was a man he would of given men multiple organisms.

13. Is God a women or a man?
If god was a woman he would of given women the ability to pee standing.