"Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name,
and they're always glad you came."
Cheers Theme Music

Skwat 6 would like to personally give thanks to all those that support them and those that have helped them one way or another throughout their long and sexy journey of making punk music!

Thank You
Jeremy's mom for all those memorable nights.
Barry for all the helpful ideas on this webpage.
Aaron and Devin for their amps.
Anthony, special thanks, for finding us Jon.
Olivia for playing guitar with Liem.
Laura (Olivia's mom) for everything!
Of course thanks to Larger Than Life for this support.
Especially Devin for encouraging us.
Janelle for spanking Jon from time to time.

Here's a pic of Olivia snorkling at La Jolla in it's dirty bacteria infested waters. =) I think her cousin Angie took this pic of her, so I guess we can thank her for the cool pic. Oh yeah, thanx to the fishes too.