S Sk Skwat 6 News ws s

A new message board was created. Because the old one had too many problems.

New pics were added (mostly of Liem). They didn't scan well so you'll have to put up with it's quality. Happy Halloween!

Nothing new. Just changed what the link for signing the slambook says, because people don't know you can answer all the questions at once instead of just answering each one individually.

A couple of requests from Janelle have been posted on the "S.o.t.W." and "Friends" page.

Liem gets a job at Dan's Pizza!

A java script guitar chord chart and a Java Calculator has been added. If the chord chart does not work please let us know. Many other minor changes have been made.

A new file has been added to the "sounds" page.

Many minor changes to the page has been made. Also a new "friends" page was made and being worked on.

A new Sounds Page was added that includes 3 files but not of the Skwat 6, thanx to the help of Barry, Jon's little brother, for the idea.

A lot has changed on the site. Many things were added, and now Liem is trying to register this site on search engines.

The Skwat 6 site is started.