"He's dumb." Liem

"I really don't know what happened to him. He was such a sweet boy when he was younger. I guess those times when his dad used to beat him everynight for 3 years straight could have mentally disturbed him. Though I only had causal sex with him I made sure it wasn't love making. But then again I don't know if he considered it love making or sex." Sincerely, Jermey's MOM

"I agree with Liem." Jordan

"Jeremy really is the quiet type, but I guess it's the years of sex and beatings he took when he was a boy, poor Jeremy...on second thought, screw him!" Barry -jon's brother-

"I plead the 5th" Jon

"I plead the 5th" Jeremy's testimony

"When these two young men walked into my court room I didn't think much of them. I found out both parents were suing one another because they were accusing one another's son of rape. I guess it got worse when I found out the rape charges were against Jeremy and Jon. They were both going to sue one another because Jon's parents accused Jermey of raping Jon, but Jeremy's mom accused Jon of raping poor Jeremy. This surely was a first for me, I've seen weird trails in my life but not this strange. The only justice was to give Jon and Jeremy a restraining order of 2 feet. I doubt there would be any sexual activities within 2 feet. And they can still play good punk music." Judge Mills Lane's Verdict

** Even though the information above may seem believable, it is about 99.9% fiction. But .1% is fact