I guess this is that part where I tell you guys about myself. I was born in Houston, Texas in 1982. Then I moved to California when I was around 5 years old and thats when I learned about porno stores. That's when my epic journey for sex began. I am 17 now and let me tell you, I'm no where near complete on this adventure. My favorite color now is YELLOW! But I fear everyone likes this color so I may have to change it. I like it when girls wear yellow too. I damn near have orgasms everytime a fine girl in yellow walks by. But for you ladies, don't over do it to where you look like a banana cause that's no turn on. I'm a WaCkO!
Liem Le

"You're weird." Jordan

"I'm dumb." Jeremy

"I love you." Jon

"I love you more then Jon does." Jeremy's mom

** Believe what you see, but a blind man is smarter than you now.